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Venus Rising University

About Venus Rising University

Venus Rising University is a unique educational experience. As far as we know, VRU is the only Shamanic Psychospiritual University in the world! Our curriculum is structured to promote and accelerate personal growth and leadership. At Venus Rising University, you will have the opportunity to change not only your life, but also change the world through your spiritual evolution and activism. Our goal is to support you in remembering who you really are and awakening to your soul purpose. This is not a cookie cutter education. Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies provide a challenging and exciting perspective on how to embody a spiritual career that has heart and gives meaning and purpose to your life. VRU supports individualism and diversity actively experienced through the healing power of community. Our graduates are the leaders and way showers-for future generations. As a graduate of our program, whatever you choose to do in the world will be infused with the love and wisdom you have opened to during your time at Venus Rising University.

–Linda Star Wolf
Founder and President of Venus Rising University, established August, 2010

As another avenue to Awaken The Shaman Within(TM) with Linda Star Wolf and the Venus Rising team, it is now possible for participants in our workshops, retreats and transformative processes to receive credit for a degree through Venus Rising University!

College credit is available not only for your work at Venus Rising, present and past, but Lifetime Experience credit is available for the spiritual work you’ve done throughout your life.

Venus Rising has four degree opportunities:

Bachelor of Sacred Elemental Studies

Master of Shamanic Intuitional Practices

Doctor of Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies

Doctor of Ministry


The requirements of each degree offered through VRU are as follows:

Bachelor of Sacred Elemental Studies (120 credit hours) – $12,000

  • Completion of the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process (S.H.I.P) or its approved equivalent (30 to 60 credits are available)
  • Practicum in the area of interest (10 to 15 credits)
  • Life learning credits (up to 60 credit hours)
  • Workshops and courses through Venus Rising and other approved teachers

Master of Shamanic Intutional Practices (60 credit hours)- $6,000

  • Project and or thesis in area of interest (12 to 15 credits)
  • Internship of at least 120 hours (12 to 15 credits)
  • Completion of S.H.I.P. (up to 15 credits if not applied towards Bachelor degree)
  • Advanced trainings in area of degrees (up to 15 credit hours)
  • Life learning credits are available

Doctor of Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies- $6,000

  • Submission of application with intent and topic area for dissertation
  • Research based dissertation
  • S.H.I.P required if not already completed
  • Advanced internship work

Doctor of Ministry – $6,000

  • Submission of application with intent and topic area for dissertation
  • Research based dissertation
  • S.H.I.P required if not already completed
  • Advanced internship work

The cost of a credit hour through Venus Rising University is $100

Applicants can apply credit hours from other colleges and universities.

The amount of transferable credits toward a degree must be credits not used for a degree already received. Up to 30 credit hours can be transferred towards a Bachelor of Sacred Elemental Studies and up to 20 credit hours can be transferred towards a Master of Shamanic Intuitional Practices. The VRU Admissions Office will determine what credits are transferable towards your degree.

Application for “life learning” credits

Applicants are encouraged to submit the application for their past experiences. The “life learning experience” application should be submitted with the application for admission to VRU. Past work and life experiences can be granted at $100 per credit hour. The VRU Admissions Office will determine the amount of credits to be given to the applicant.

Applying to Venus Rising University for admissions requires the completion of the admissions application.

The application for admission to VRU is $80 (this includes the “life learning” application). The application fee if nonrefundable. Once an individual enrolls in VRU the $80 will be applied to your tuition costs.

A mentor/advisor will be assigned to each student once they have been enrolled into a degree program at VRU.

The mentor/advisor will be your contact, guide, and support person as you begin your journey at Venus Rising University. The mentor/advisor will assist you as you grow and walk through the spiral of life.


Contact our Admissions Department today, at .

Our staff will be delighted to help you get started with the application process and will answer all of your questions. A degree from Venus Rising University will guarantee that you receive the acknowledgment and respect you deserve for all the work you’ve done in your life transforming yourself so as to be a guide for others during this transformative and challenging time.


Welcome! We’re glad to have you on board!



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