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Calling All Spirit Wolves!

The Spirit of the Wolf is about learning to trust your intuition, being a path finder, learning through life experience, having a desire to share your experience to help others and being or becoming a teacher, leader or visionary on a path of personal and planetary transformation. Would you like to be connected to a community of Spirit Wolves who support each other in stepping fully into living our soul purpose in this lifetime and sharing our gifts with the world? Would you like to help create an amazing sacred space where Wolf Clan people from around the world can come together to breathe, dance, dream, drum, vision, howl, network and celebrate?

photo of a wolfVenus Rising has helped thousands of people to transform their lives as they have literally breathed themselves into wholeness. We have reached a point in our growth where it is time for further expansion so that many more people can receive the powerful, healing benefits of Shamanic Breathwork and other wonderful programs offered by Venus Rising Association and University.

Through a generous arrangement with two wonderful friends and soul family members, we have obtained ownership of a lot on Dove Mountain where we can finally build our Venus Rising Healing Arts Sanctuary. We will start with an open air pavilion – phase 1 – to be followed by phase 2 – expansion of the space and building enclosed walls. Phase 3 will involve building a beautiful deck looking out over the mountains.

photos of Sacred Flame and wolfIf you feel called to join me as a Spirit Wolf on this incredible journey of co-creation, then please fill out the form below and make a donation any amount, in any way you wish (monthly, quarterly, yearly, or one lump sum). Our suggested donation is $600.00, which can be done in a monthly contribution of just $50.00 per month – and any amount is gratefully accepted. All contributions to Venus Rising are tax deductible.

Please join us as we create our new Air Temple on the sacred land at Dove Mountain and support our new vision! Thank you for your support!