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Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki

Reiki is a Universal Life Force Energy which is channeled by a Reiki practitioner to a client through light touch. It is guided by a Higher Intelligence and is always for the client’s Highest Good. When one’s Universal Life Force Energy is blocked or congested, physical, emotional, or spiritual symptoms appear. Reiki can help to open the flow of Energy, allowing balance and harmony to be restored. Generally, the client will feel relaxed, refreshed and centered at the end of the session (usually one-hour).

Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki utilizes the above-mentioned Reiki methods combined with the wisdom of native peoples. Shamanic practices and Reiki naturally complement each other. Through ritual and ceremony, use of spirit and animal guides, soul return, journeying, use of sound, smudging, Shamanic Breathwork™ etc., the practitioner is guided by a Higher Intelligence to enable the client to work with his/her own “healer within.”

Practitioners of Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki receive training and attunements from a Shamanic Breathwork Reiki Master who utilizes ritual and ceremony. Attunements are done during a Shamanic Breathwork™ session. There are four levels of training available (I, II,III and Master Level).

Reiki and Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki are not substitutes for allopathic (medical) methods of healing. Rather, they work best when combined with allopathic methods.

Barb Magdalena is Venus Rising’s Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki Master Teacher. Barb teaches classes in Shamanic Breathwork ™ Reiki and offers private Reiki healing sessions, both at Venus Rising events and also at her home in Clackamas, OR.

For more information contact Barb at or 503-558-8201, or the Venus Rising office at or 828-631-2305.