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International congregations:


The Alignment Center of Venus Rising

Founder: Levi Banner
Ubud, Bali

National congregations:


Portals of Transformation of Venus Rising

Founder:  Meredith Davis
Sedona, AZ

Mission Statement: Portals of Transformation is a congregation of the Venus Rising Association for Transformation; operating as the Earth School for Souls we offer classes, workshops, retreats, and private sessions that include Shamanic Breathwork Journeying, ritual, energy clearing, and Shamanic Counseling.  Our work is based on the understanding that we have come into this earthly experience “on purpose”.  We do not need to become more spiritual, but rather to more perfectly express this spiritual being we know ourselves to be.  Our mission is to re-create ourselves as we bring our individual vibrations into alignment with our highest imagining, raising the vibration of the “collective” as we proceed.

Living Breath of Venus Rising

Founder: Mariko Yamamoto
Sedona, AZ


Soulville Conscious Transformation Community of Venus Rising

Founders:  Wendyne Limber & Pamela ‘Heartsong’ Rigel
Stuart, FL
Email:   &
Website: www.soulvillecommunity.org

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide a sacred community and retreat for psychospiritual evolution, healing and transformation as we guide and love people toward their highest potential and being!


Goddess Temple of Venus Rising

Founder: Crystal Bates
Canton, GA
Website: www.goddesstempleofvenusrising.org

Illuminated Heart Sanctuary

Founders: Robert and Carol Fleitz
Atlanta, GA
Website: www.ihsanctuary.org


Aahara Spiritual Community of Venus Rising

Founders:  Carlene Mattimore & John Malan
Springfield, IL
Phone: 217-494-0583 or 217-494-0587
Email: or
Website:  www.aaharaspiritualcommunity.org

Mission Statement:
“Aahara Spiritual Community is nondenominational and we welcome everyone who is on or ready to begin a journey of psychological and spiritual healing and growth.  We offer Shamanic Breathwork, Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process (SHIP), Shamanic Priest Process, Shamanic Priestess Process, Reiki and Healing Touch.”


Shaman’s Hearth Spiritual Community of Venus Rising

Founder:  Deb Irestone
Address: 11970 Portland Ave S, Burnsville, MN  55337
Website:  www.shamanshearth.org

Shaman’s Hearth is an interfaith Shamanic Breathwork community.  The offerings at Shaman’s Hearth encourage community and support for those on a conscious journey of transformation.  As we evolve as individuals, we transform the collective.  We are all related.


Sacred Spirals of Kansas City

Kansas City, MO and Whittier, NC

Founders: Sara Claire Curran, Lesley A. Jackson, Nancy Jenkins
Website: http://sacredspirals.org/

Mission Statement:
Sacred Spirals was created by its founders to provide healing, rejuvenation and spiritual growth within our community.

Our approach, based on the Shamanic Breathwork TM process, emphasizes holding safe and sacred space with compassion and understanding. Our soul purpose is to help you connect with your own inner wisdom and to witness your personal discovery of greater balance, strength, insight and self-acceptance.

All of Sacred Spiral’s facilitators have deep experiential knowledge of journeying with and facilitating Shamanic Breathwork and have undergone years of training with visionary teacher, shamanic guide and author Linda Star Wolf to learn the principles of shamanism and breathwork.

Shaman’s Heart Sanctuary of Venus Rising

Kansas City, MO
Founder:  Laura Wolf
Phone:  816-560-6208
Website:  www.shamansheartsanctuary.org

Mission Statement:
“Shaman’s Heart Santuary is an interfaith community dedicated to personal and planetary transformation.  When we change our selves, we change the world.  Our mission is to support you in letting go of what is no longer working and stepping into a life of much greater passion, empowerment and purpose.  Based in Greater Kansas City, we offer Shamanic Breathwork, Shakti Yoga, SHIP weekends, Recovery and Support Groups, spiritual counseling, spiritual community and transformative workshops in Greater Kansas City and around the country.“

New York

Bear Medicine Spiritual Community of Venus Rising

Founder: Smadar Yaish
Location: New York, New York

North Carolina

Full Moon Sanctuary of Venus Rising

Founder: Anyaa McAndrew
Whittier, NC
Phone:  828-788-0773
Website:  www.fullmoonsanctuary.org

Mission Statement:
“Full Moon Sanctuary’s mission is to minister to others through the evolutionary “turning of the Ages” during this time of unprecedented awakening of multidimensionality on the planet. Our mission is focused and grounded in Service, Passion, and Purpose, and the creation of men’s and women’s crucibles of consciousness, coming together in Sacred Union through Networks of Grace.”


Shaman’s Breath of Venus Rising

Founder: Ananda Nash
Cincinnati, Ohio

Oz Farm Sanctuary

Founder: Gary Matthews
Goshen, Ohio


Freedom Rising Spiritual Community of Venus Rising

Founders:  Pam Sophia Savory and Barb Magdalena Westover
3185 Haskins Road
West Linn, OR 97068
Website: www.freedomrisingspiritualcommunity.org

Mission Statement:
“We honor all beliefs and create a safe sacred and loving environment for inner healing.  We hold the vision and believe in the person with truth, wisdom, love and honor until they can hold it for them self.  We specialize in intimacy, empowerment, nurturing, holding sacred space, creating safety and raising life force energy and we do it with integrity, laughter and joy. ‘Living Life With Fierce Compassion’ is our truth.”



Freedom, Folk and Soul of Venus Rising

Founders: Jeremy Pajer and Stephanie Urbina Jones
Nashville, Tennessee
Website: freedomfolkandsoul.org