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Wise Wolf Councils

Where elders, teachers, healers, and visionaries gather for sacred ceremonies, pujas, Shamanic Breathwork™, inner journeys, and joyful celebrations in the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Wise Wolf Women’s, Men’s, & Pups’ Councils take place simultaneously this year at various locations at Isis Cove.

This year’s Wise wolf Councils will be held May 22 – May 24. Click here for more information and to register for this event.

Wise Wolf Women’s Council

It is time again to put out the “Call” to women for this year’s Wise Wolf Council. Our theme is about walking the Spirit of the Wolf Path: the path of walking in truth, integrity, dignity, stability, trust and wisdom. The Wolf Clan is the visionaries and the way-showers who, focused on walking their talk, take the essence of their visions and move them into manifestation in the world.

Wise Wolf Men’s Council

Wise Wolf Men of all ages join to network, teach, learn and share stories, visions, ceremonies and emerg≠ing ideas from around the world. This year, our theme is about walking the Spirit of the Wolf Path: the path of walking in truth, integrity, dignity, stability, trust and wisdom. Drum, dream, dance, hoot, holler, howl, and celebrate!

WW-Pups-groups-2012-2_700Wise Wolf Pups

Helping Kids Connect to Their Hearts through Nature, Play, and the Arts!

We’re delighted to welcome Wise Wolf Pups (kids 5-13) to Isis Cove. Children are the stars of the future. The Wise Wolf Pups experience develops and nurtures a deep connection between kids and others and encourages them to honor and love all of Mother Earth and her creatures. We are so excited to aid in the creation of a new generation of Wise Wolves. (Children 14+ may apply to be junior counselors.)

Camp Guidelines & Parent Info (click to download document)

Volunteers Needed

This year’s Wise Wolf Pups Camp will be bigger, better, and more creative and magical than ever! This year’s camp will be filled with fun new adventures, as kids learn about the Spirit of the Wolf: making wolf masks, creating their own talking sticks, putting on a Wolf Pack play for the whole council, and many more surprises. WE NEED YOUR HELP! As you know, it takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a Wise Wolf Pack of committed adults to create a safe and fun Camp for our Pups. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Email the camp coordinators with your name, contact info (cell and email), and number of hours you would like to volunteer as a Pups Camp Helper. We are organizing volunteers in 2 hour segments to reduce transitions and promote continuity for the Pups. We will add you to our volunteer schedule, and provide you with this info so you can plan your Wise Wolf day.

Coordinator Contact Info: Anna Cariad-Barrett  and Carol Fleitz .com

WW pups group 2012_1280x448

Venus Rising’s Co-Directors Hold Vision for the

Children’s Peace Park at Isis Cove

Venus Rising is shaping the vision for the Children’s Peace Park project dear to the hearts of Co Directors Linda Star Wolf and Brad Collins. The purpose of the Children’s Peace Park is to provide a safe and engaging playground space where children make deep heart connections between selves and others, learn to honor, know, sustain and enjoy the earth and her creatures, gain compassionate and creative skills for success, and practice being the change they wish to see in the world. Brad and Star’s vision for the Children’s Peace Park includes areas for play, entertainment, and education.. It is located east of the site of the Venus Rising Air Temple Sanctuary.

We wish to have in place for the start of Wise Wolf Council May 24th, 2013 these few things; swings, a sliding board, ropes to play Tarzan on in a shaded area, a picnic table or two and safe campfire pit with stumps for stools around it . Ideally we would love to have a small covered and screened in structure such as a gazebo for the children to get into out of the rain or too hot sun or if it gets too hot or buggy during the day. Financial support for the Children’s Peace Park at Isis Cove is already beginning to build. Thanks for your support everyone!

Brad and Star envision a lovely Children’s Peace Park with gardens, waterfalls, a pool and a covered Pavilion with some bathrooms and a stage that 150 folks can gather under with a nice paved road leading up to everything. Please hold that Vision with us if you feel called to do so.

Click here to donate online. You may make a note in the questions or comments space directing some portion or all of your donation go to the Children’s Peace Park. Venus Rising is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Donate by check or money order to Venus Rising P.O. box 486 Sylva, NC 28779

Thank you for all your past and present support on all levels!

As Gram Twylah always said “so that the teachings may live for the future generations”