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Join Star Wolf at
the Gathering of Shamans!

Star Wolf has been invited to teach at the Gathering of the Shamans in May 2018. This is an annual event held at the enchanting Sedona Mago Retreat in the heart of the red cliffs wilderness area. Other featured teachers and speakers include don Miguel Ruiz and his sons, HeatherAsh Amara, Jose Luis Stevens, Susan Gregg and many more!

This POWERFUL and LIFE-CHANGING event includes special teachings from world-renowned shamans, Shamanic Breathwork, a Firewalk and many other experiential offerings that will support you in reclaiming and refining your power!

You will also have the chance to unwind and soak in the legendary Sedona energy. This setting is truly spectacular and you will find yourself called deeper into your own inner work with the assistance of the natural allies. This event is designed to help you learn on many levels, and you will find doorways of transformation opening in your heart and mind.

This is an all-inclusive retreat. Your tuition includes lodging, delicious meals, and the full program of events!

This event sells out months early each year! So act quickly and reserve your space TODAY!

Please click here to learn more about the event and to register!

Sunday, May 6  1:30 – 5 pm

with Shamanic Breathwork™ & Linda Star Wolf—

Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful transformational breathing process, that allows participants to journey into magical, mythical realms as well as deeply personal realms of consciousness. The process itself seems to take you wherever in consciousness you need to go for greater healing, empowerment and transformation. The mechanics of SBW uses the healing power of circular breathing to chakra-attuned music in sacred ceremonial space. If needed, the facilitator uses focused bodywork during the session. After the journey participants are assisted with the integration of their experiences by sharing their shamanic journey experiences with each other so they may reenter the outer world with a feeling of being grounded and “on purpose” in their lives. This journey is geared toward powerful shamanic transformation. One of the primary purposes of Shamanic Breathwork is to reawaken the “Shaman Within”, and to remember our sacred birthright and relationship to shamanic consciousness. Shamanic Breathwork opens us to our sacred purpose that each of us carries within at a deep cellular level in our DNA.

To learn more about the Shamanic Breathwork Process, please click here.