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Awaken the Shaman Within(™)
in Egypt:
Shamanic Mystery Tour to Egypt

Pyramids of Giza

Facilitated by Linda Star Wolf, Ruby Falconer & Nikolaus Wolf

December 4 — 15, 2017

In 2005 Star Wolf embarked upon a Shamanic Journey to Egypt that would change her life and rock her world forev­er! Traveling with her were long time shaman­ic author, teacher and Egypt enthu­si­ast, Nicki Scully; Star Wolf’s beloved husband, colleague and soul­mate, Brad Collins; Shamanic Priestess and Full Moon Sanctuary founder, Anyaa McAndrew; plus some 40 other shaman­ic soul jour­ney­ers. On this truly amaz­ing jour­ney, the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt were born! Within three years of her return, Star Wolf co-authored three books on the Shamanic Egyptian Mysteries: “Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt”, “The Anubis Oracle”, and “Shamanic Egyptian Astrology.”

A theme emerged from that first trip: the need for human­i­ty to let go of our wound­ed hearts so that a new heart – a renewed heart, light as a feath­er – could be born. Star Wolf has always known that she was destined to return to Egypt, and as this jour­ney takes shape a new theme has emerged: “Return to the Heart of Shamanic Egypt.”

The book “Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt” uses the metaphor of two “rounds” on the spiral path of renew­ing our hearts and spir­its. This new trip is a third octave of this on-going jour­ney. There is always a mystery behind the mystery, just as there are secret cham­bers behind the cham­bers in the temples. For those who are seek­ing the greater myster­ies with­in them­selves, long­ing to go deep­er into their own enlight­ened heart, this will be a thrilling expe­ri­ence, unpar­al­leled by any other.

Traveling primar­i­ly by dahabeya, we will follow the Nile, visit­ing many of the same temples and expe­ri­enc­ing simi­lar cere­monies as Star Wolf and her co-lead­ers facil­i­tat­ed in 2005. Each of us will expe­ri­ence these ritu­als and sacred sites in our own unique way, in commu­nion with our ancient rela­tives, the Neturu of Shamanic Egypt. These deeply indi­vid­ual expe­ri­ences will weave a synthe­sis of mystery and magic, giving our group a unique­ly new and yet also ancient essence.

Breathe deeply and allow the ener­gies of Shamanic Egypt to support you as you Awaken The Shaman Within(™)!

Star Wolf in Egypt

For infor­ma­tion about this amaz­ing sacred jour­ney and to regis­ter, either email venusrising@shamanicbreathwork.org or call 828–631-2305.