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Shamanic Mystery Tour to Egypt

Pyramids of Giza

Facilitated by Linda Star Wolf, Ruby Falconer & Nikolaus Wolf

December 4 – 15, 2017

In 2005 Star Wolf embarked upon a Shamanic Journey to Egypt that would change her life and rock her world forever! Traveling with her were long time shamanic author, teacher and Egypt enthusiast, Nicki Scully; Star Wolf’s beloved husband, colleague and soulmate, Brad Collins; Shamanic Priestess and Full Moon Sanctuary founder, Anyaa McAndrew; plus some 40 other shamanic soul journeyers. On this truly amazing journey, the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt were born! Within three years of her return, Star Wolf co-authored three books on the Shamanic Egyptian Mysteries: “Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt”, “The Anubis Oracle”, and “Shamanic Egyptian Astrology.”

A theme emerged from that first trip: the need for humanity to let go of our wounded hearts so that a new heart – a renewed heart, light as a feather – could be born. Star Wolf has always known that she was destined to return to Egypt, and as this journey takes shape a new theme has emerged: “Return to the Heart of Shamanic Egypt.”

The book “Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt” uses the metaphor of two “rounds” on the spiral path of renewing our hearts and spirits. This new trip is a third octave of this on-going journey. There is always a mystery behind the mystery, just as there are secret chambers behind the chambers in the temples. For those who are seeking the greater mysteries within themselves, longing to go deeper into their own enlightened heart, this will be a thrilling experience, unparalleled by any other.

Traveling primarily by dahabeya, we will follow the Nile, visiting many of the same temples and experiencing similar ceremonies as Star Wolf and her co-leaders facilitated in 2005. Each of us will experience these rituals and sacred sites in our own unique way, in communion with our ancient relatives, the Neturu of Shamanic Egypt. These deeply individual experiences will weave a synthesis of mystery and magic, giving our group a uniquely new and yet also ancient essence.

Breathe deeply and allow the energies of Shamanic Egypt to remind you of who you truly are!

Star Wolf in Egypt

For information about this amazing sacred journey and to register, either email venusrising@shamanicbreathwork.org or call 828-631-2305.