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 Journey to Peru for the Sacred Activation of


Registration and full itinerary at:

Sacred Ayni

Vera Lopez

Founder & Spiritual Leader of Spirits of the Earth


Visionary Shamanism

Linda Star Wolf & Bradford Collins

Co-Directors of Venus Rising Association for Transformation

Sacred Activism

Andrew Harvey

Mystic, Scholar, Poet and Founder of the Institute for Sacred Activism


The Beginning of A New Story for Humanity!

We are in a highly transitional time on Earth as old structures break down in preparation for the new world that is coming. The accelerated pace of this time of spiritual evolution is forcing each of us to awaken the shaman within and reach our highest potential. We no longer have the luxury of learning only from the past; we must also download information from the future in order to be fully present, fully conscious, in our most embodied and best self now.

—Linda Star Wolf

December 5 – 15, 2012

Join us for the most transformational
journey of your life!

6 days in a Wellness Center at the Sacred Valley and
3 days in Machu Picchu, plus Cusco

  • Experience Shamanic Breathwork™ at sunrise at Machu Picchu on 12.12.12;
  • Learn shamanic practices to access your spiritual blue­print, communicate with the universal mind, and transform into your highest spiritual self;
  • Receive sacred ceremonies and rites of passage transmitted directly from Medicine People and Andean Shamans of Peru;
  • Explore some of the most beautiful and sacred sites in the world!

Space is Limited!

Registration and full itinerary at:

For more information email:
Registration and full itinerary at:


Journey to Peru for the Sacred Activation of


Sacred Ayni,
the Andean concept of ‘reciprocity’, provides the foundation for how the Andean people relate to each other as well as how they relate to Nature.

Shamanic Breathwork™
is a powerful tool to help you reconnect with your own inner healer, release dysfunctional patterns and remember the magic of who you truly are.

Sacred Activism
is a transforming force of compassion-in-action that is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise radical action in the world.

Throughout this journey we will engage in breathing practices in our rituals and ceremonies to activate the magic of who we truly are, hear the call of our unique Sacred Activism in the world and practice sacred Ayni with the land, spirits and people of Peru.

Sacred Activation Itinerary

December 5: Travel by bus from the Cusco airport to the Sacred Valley, rest and acclimate.

December 6, Sacred Valley: Traditional Andes ceremony, a Pago to Pacha Mama.

December 7, Sacred Valley: Shamanic Forgiveness Dance Ceremony with Vera Lopez. Then experience the mystery of the Incas as we climb down into the center of the Earth, connecting to Uku Pacha (Inner World).

December 8, Sacred Valley: Travel to the ancient town of Ollantaytambo, the Temple of the Sun, where we will experience a profound energy connected to these six cosmic stone portals.

December 9, Sacred Valley: Early morning shamanic journey to open the third eye, led by Star Wolf. Followed by a visit to Pisac Indian Market – optional hike up to the ancient Pisac Temple of the Falcon.

December 10, Sacred Valley: Full day of Shamanic Breathwork™ journeying and Sacred Activism with Star Wolf, Brad Collins and Andrew Harvey.

December 11, Machu Picchu: Train to Machu Picchu – the Sacred Crystal City.

December 12, Machu Picchu: Breathe in the Sun Rise at Machu Picchu, then visit the Temple of the Condor, the House of the Chosen Woman and the Temple of Pacha Mama.

December 13, Machu Picchu / Cusco: Free morning to relax, shop in the local market, hike to Huayna Picchu or meditate at Machu Picchu. Afternoon – train to Cusco.

December 14, Cusco: Visit Saksayhuaman, one of the largest temples of  the Inca, followed by Qorikancha, home  of  the Ancient Golden Sun Disc. Free afternoon to explore the oldest continually inhabited city in the Americas.

December 15, Cusco/Lima: Flight to Lima – optional last meal together at the famous Rosa Nautica Restaurant on the sea.

Download a printable flyer for this trip here…

Registration and full itinerary at:


Booking International Flights:

Remember, you will need to arrange your own International flights – we work with a South American flight specialist that will be glad to help you get the best flight rates and also make sure you are flying together with the rest of the participants and we will provide her information upon your registration. Peruvian flights are also not included in the price and its your responsibility to make such arrangements.

If you arrive in Peru before Dec 5th all extra arrangements are not included, however we can help you to reserve hotels, tours and transfers.


There is an optional extra two nights in Lima available for those who would like to tour this great city and relax before meeting the rest of the group heading to Cusco. It is recommended so one can rest from long hours of flights between home to Lima.

Home/Lima, Dec 3 – Airport pick up and transfer to Hotel, over night.

Dec 4 – Breakfast and City-Tour in Lima, overnight.

Dec 5 – Breakfast and transfer to airport to catch flight to Cuzco.


Please email Vera and she will be happy to send you all additional information about the trip:  

Travelers will require proof of Travel Health Insurance coverage prior to 60 days from departure date or a sign wave.

Also 90 days prior to tour dates we will need your passport number (if you do no have it at the time of your registration), flight plans and any other requested extras to insure the quality of your trip.

Not Included: Tips to porters, maids, hotel bellmen, bus drivers and other guides, and other things not described in the itinerary.

*Pictures of Peru (c)Spirits of the Earth