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Embracing the Inner Beloved

with Linda Star Wolf

Use the power of your own breath to commune with your Inner Beloved through the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process!

This workshop can be taken for your own transformation and empowerment or as part of our training program, called S.H.I.P (the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process), to become a Shamanic Minister or Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator.

Attend Friday evening and all day Saturday for the Shamanic Breathwork™ weekend option, or attend all four days for transformation plus training.

Shamanic Breathwork™ Weekend Option: Friday, August 26, 7:00 pm – Saturday, August 27, 6 pm, $150


S.H.I.P Program: Friday, August 26, 7:30 pm – Monday, August 29, 3 pm, $500

  • Reclaim the masculine, feminine and many other aspects of yourself that you have unconsciously projected out onto others – and get your power back in the process!
  • Open your heart to a real connection with a Divine Presence that perhaps cannot ever truly be defined

When we feel connected to something greater than our little selves, we have the inner resources to go about doing what we really came to this life to do and truly step into our Sacred Purpose!

Contact Venus Rising to register or for more information: 828-631-2305 or

*Shamanic Breathwork™ is a safe and powerful tool for personal transformation that uses the breath, chakra-attuned music, energetic body work, art and group sharing to clear out energetic blocks, heal old wounds, develop a greater connection with the Divine and open more fully to one’s Sacred Purpose.

*Linda Star Wolf is the Founder of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, President of Venus Rising University and creator of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process. Star Wolf has been leading transformational journeys around the world for over three decades. To read more about Star Wolf, please click HERE.