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Breathe America ~ Breathe Sedona

A FREE day of Shamanic Breathwork™

Friday, September 16 ~ 9:45am – 6 pm

at the Sedona Creative Life Center

Shamanic Breathwork™ is a safe process that takes you on a transformative journey through the chakras, using trance music and the natural power of the breath to:

  • Deepen your Spiritual Connection
  • Awaken your Passion
  • Unleash your Life Force Energy
  • Reclaim your Power
  • Clarify your Sacred Purpose

Space is limited. You must pre-register to attend.

To Register:
email  or call 602-625-0082

Workshop hours:
9:45 am – 6 pm.  You must commit to the full day.

Sedona Creative Life Center, 333 Schnebly Hill Road Sedona, Arizona 86336

a comforter, light blanket, pillow, lunch, snack and a bottle of water.

buffet lunch with vegetarian options will be served for $10

“Breathe America ~ Breathe the World” was conceived by Linda Star Wolf, founder of Shamanic Breathwork™, to make this life-changing process accessible to all. Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitators around the world are organizing FREE days of Shamanic Breathwork™ as their way of sharing the transformative power of breathwork.

Stop what you’re doing and Breathe, America!