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Welcome to Venus Rising University!

Photo of Linda Star WolfVenus Rising University is a unique educa­tion­al expe­ri­ence. As far as we know, VRU is the only Shamanic Psychospiritual University in the world! Our curricu­lum is struc­tured to promote and accel­er­ate person­al growth and lead­er­ship. At Venus Rising University, you will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to change not only your life, but also change the world through your spir­i­tu­al evolu­tion and activism. Our goal is to support you in remem­ber­ing who you real­ly are and awak­en­ing to your soul purpose. This is not a cook­ie cutter educa­tion. Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies provide a chal­leng­ing and excit­ing perspec­tive on how to embody a spir­i­tu­al career that has heart and gives mean­ing and purpose to your life. VRU supports indi­vid­u­al­ism and diver­si­ty active­ly expe­ri­enced through the heal­ing power of commu­ni­ty. Our grad­u­ates are the lead­ers and way show­ers-for future gener­a­tions. As a grad­u­ate of our program, what­ev­er you choose to do in the world will be infused with the love and wisdom you have opened to during your time at Venus Rising University.

–Linda Star Wolf
Founder and President of Venus Rising University, estab­lished August, 2010