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VRU Degrees:

Bachelor of Sacred Elemental Studies

Master of Shamanic Intuitional Practices

Doctorate of Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies

Doctorate of Ministry in Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies

Admissions Applications

Applying to Venus Rising University for admis­sions requires the comple­tion of the Admissions Application. The appli­ca­tion for admis­sion to VRU, includ­ing the Life Experience Application, is $80 The appli­ca­tion fee is nonre­fund­able. Once an indi­vid­ual is accept­ed for admis­sion to VRU the $80 will be applied to your tuition costs.

Download the VRU Admissions Application here.

Application for “Life Experience” credits

Applicants are encour­aged to submit the Life Experience Application so as to receive cred­it for life expe­ri­ences that have contributed to their spir­i­tu­al matu­ri­ty. The Life Experience Application should be submit­ted with the prima­ry appli­ca­tion for admis­sion to VRU Credit for past work. The VRU Admissions Office will deter­mine the number of cred­its to be given to the appli­cant for life learn­ing expe­ri­ence.

Download the Life Experience Credits Application here.

Transferable Credits

Applicants can apply cred­its from other colleges and univer­si­ties .

The amount of trans­fer­able cred­its toward a degree must be cred­its not used for a degree already received. The VRU Admissions Office will deter­mine what cred­its are trans­fer­able towards a degree.

Mentors / Advisors

Once accept­ed into a degree program at Venus Rising University, you will be assigned a mentor/advisor. Your mentor/advisor has walked the spiral path before you and is here to be your contact, guide and support person through your jour­ney at Venus Rising University.

Contact our Admissions Department at