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The Shamanic Priest Process

The Shamanic Priest Process is a committed program structured to deeply explore the archetypal forces within the psyches of all men. Our weekends are designed to activate and empower the Shaman within and to reclaim the masculine, not as Patriarch (Power Over) or overly feminized (Power Under), but as the Shamanic Priest (Power Within). We will use the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, ritual, vision questing and group work to embrace each initiation.

Brad is starting a new Shamanic Priest group in North Carolina. Click to see the details.

The Five Initiations are:

Initiation #1 – Death of the Old King – Three stages of masculinity. How is the patriarchy affecting your life? What are you willing to let die? Birthing the New Masculine.

Initiation #2 – The New Spiritual Warrior – Claiming your fierceness. Standing firm for what you believe is right. What is your mission?

Initiation #3 – Finding Your Inner Beloved – Integrating the shadow side of love. Reclaiming your power. Understanding anima.

Initiation #4 – Deep Leadership – The Tyrant and the True Leader. Leading with integrity. The Soverign Principle.

Initiation #5 – Embodying the Shamanic Priest – A body-felt experience of the Divine. Accepting the mantle of spiritual leadership. Creating and holding sacred space.

Men of vision are being called to go through their own inner healing and to shepherd the planet through this time of transformation. If you have heard the call, come join us in the search for the New Masculine.

Brad Collins, Co-Director of Venus Rising, received the inspiration for the Shamanic Priest Process during a breathwork journey in 1994. It took 11 years of integration, reflection and refinement for these Mystery School teachings to come forth. If you are interested in hosting a Shamanic Priest Process circle in your area, please contact Brad at or call our office at 828-631-2305.

Please see our Events page for currently scheduled circles.