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Shamanic Ministers' Global Network

Code of Ethics

  1. Be honest with your­self and others.
  2. Practice listen­ing to your "Inner Shaman" and your own spir­i­tu­al guid­ance while encour­ag­ing those you serve to do the same.
  3. Practice forgive­ness and making amends when need­ed.
  4. Practice patience, toler­ance, and flex­i­bil­i­ty.
  5. Remain teach­able and open-mind­ed while prac­tic­ing humil­i­ty to support your own spir­i­tu­al path.
  6. Seek the high­est heal­ing and empow­er­ment for those you serve.
  7. Never take advan­tage of others in any way.
  8. Practice Loving Kindness in your daily life and in your work with others.
  9. Acquire an Attitude of Gratitude, letting go of compe­ti­tion conscious­ness.
  10. Create a safe space for your sacred work with others.
  11. Discuss clear­ly and reach an agree­ment, prior to render­ing spir­i­tu­al services, all dona­tions and ener­gy exchanges with others.
  12. Establish loving and clear bound­aries with those who seek your guid­ance.
  13. Become a sacred witness and a good listen­er while support­ing others spir­i­tu­al­ly on their path. (Learn to trust their Inner Shaman.)
  14. Treat every­one with consid­er­a­tion, digni­ty and respect, for we are all relat­ed.
  15. Never advise or provide services beyond your own level of exper­tise.
  16. Always refer your clients to others for assis­tance in areas for which you are not appro­pri­ate­ly trained.
  17. Be will­ing to turn to others — peers, teach­ers, coun­selors, etc. — for assis­tance with your own person­al heal­ing as you trav­el the ever renew­ing spiral path of death and rebirth into high­er conscious­ness.
  18. Continue to honor your call­ing and commit­ment to walk the sacred path as a Shamanic Minister. Seek to Walk in Wisdom, Integrity, Stability, and Dignity and in the Light of Your Sacred Truth From Within.