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Shamanic Ministers' Global Network

The Shamanic Ministers’ Global Network is a world­wide asso­ci­a­tion of Shamanic Ministers ordained through the Venus Rising Association for Transformation. These minis­ters, trained to Awaken the Shaman Within(™), all share the same commit­ment— that of embody­ing shaman­ic conscious­ness in every­day life. Our Shamanic Ministers support members of our congre­ga­tion, friends and fami­ly in embrac­ing one basic concept central to the shaman­ic perspec­tive. This concept is that the cycle of death and re-birth is a constant and that our lives become incred­i­bly enriched when we conscious­ly embrace this aware­ness rather than fight it. While indi­vid­ual Shamanic Ministers with­in this glob­al network may use differ­ent tools to awak­en shaman­ic aware­ness with­in those around them, all begin with this core under­stand­ing.

The Shamanic Ministers ordained through Venus Rising have all demon­strat­ed a desire to heal them­selves of their own fear and resis­tance to the eter­nal cycles of change and to also assist others in the heal­ing process. It is the belief of all involved in the Shamanic Ministers’ Global Network that hold­ing a deeply person­al and creative rela­tion­ship with these process­es of change will help create a better world here on plan­et earth. Through right rela­tion­ship with ourselves, our congre­ga­tion, our friends, fami­ly and the earth itself each of us can become the change we want to see in the world.

By complet­ing SHIP (the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process), or Venus Rising's Accelerated Transformation Program, one can be ordained as a Shamanic Minister and become part of Venus Rising’s Shamanic Ministers’ Global Network. To learn more about the Shamanic Minister's Global Network, please contact Venus Rising at 828–631-2305 or email: .


Board of Directors

Linda Star Wolf – Ministry Co-Founder and Director

Ruby Falconer – Ministry Business Manager