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Shamanic Breathwork™ Testimonials

Audio Testimonials

Kent Bye, Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator and creator of the blog Engaged Heart, inter­viewed sever­al partic­i­pants in the Accelerated Training Program at Isis Cove. Click on the inter­views below to hear about their expe­ri­ence.

Interviews with Linda Star Wolf and Brad Collins

Written Testimonials

I have found the Shamanic Breathwork Process to be incred­i­ble for me at a person­al level. It has helped to open doors that I didn't even know I had. It has also been a remark­able tool to use in my work­shops for health profes­sion­als.

–Lee Lipsenthal, MD, ABHM
CEO, Finding Balance in a Medical Life

I have been contin­u­al­ly impressed by the incred­i­ble heart-centered work that is done at Venus Rising. As holis­tic physi­cians, my husband and I are famil­iar with many differ­ent modal­i­ties and have seen the value in look­ing "outside the box" of tradi­tion­al Western medical tech­niques. Shamanic Breathwork is one of the most power­ful heal­ing modal­i­ties we have seen. It gets to the heart of the phys­i­cal, emotion­al or spir­i­tu­al prob­lem in order for shifts to occur very rapid­ly. In addi­tion, it taps into the person's core strengths and honors the deep wisdom with­in us all, since true heal­ing inevitably starts from with­in. I can't say enough good things about the skills and integri­ty of those asso­ci­at­ed with Venus Rising.

–Molly Roberts, MD, MS
Physician and President of the Holistic Medical Association
San Francisco, CA

If one accepts the premise that the body has a memo­ry, then breath­work is a unique and unpar­al­leled means of releas­ing phys­i­cal memo­ry and metab­o­liz­ing change.

–Nancy Jenkins
Marketing Consultant
Kansas City

I confess that I approached the tech­nique of breath­work with some skep­ti­cism as to its value, having tried so many expe­ri­ences that failed to make a mean­ing­ful differ­ence in my life. Well, all it took was a one day intro­duc­to­ry Shamanic Breathwork session for me to know that this unique combi­na­tion of altered state expe­ri­enc­ing of guid­ed, theme based teach­ings was an extreme­ly effec­tive method of process­ing core level issues, issues that can be huge stum­bling blocks to our spir­i­tu­al progress.

I am truly thank­ful for the bless­ing this program has been for me, and would high­ly recom­mend it to anyone dedi­cat­ed to their spir­i­tu­al jour­ney. Nothing I have expe­ri­enced previ­ous­ly has been more bene­fi­cial. It has made a believ­er out of me in the work being done here, and I intend to support it in any way that I can.

–Buzz Gibbs
Businessman and Entrepreneur
Gainesville, GA

The work I was able to do with Venus Rising allowed me to real­ly be able to expe­ri­ence life, to be truly present. Before VR I was trapped in a place of depres­sion, fear and lone­li­ness, robbed of expe­ri­enc­ing the truth of life. And although, I do some­times feel lone­ly, fear­ful and depressed, I can ALSO feel the beau­ty and truth of life all around me and with­in!

Thanks VR!

Financial Manager
Portland, OR

My work with Venus Rising has been life chang­ing for me. The breath­work has been and contin­ues to be such a teacher — a way to get out of my ego and into my soul. . Breathwork is so effec­tive in process­ing deep wounds and core issues that keep us from moving forward. I am on the spiral path, doing the heal­ing work I love, living a life I never thought possi­ble, being the person I longed to be but never believed possi­ble. Thank you so much for your belief in me.

–Barb / Three Hawks Dancing
Clackamas, Oregon
Shamanic Breathwork Reiki Master Teacher for Venus Rising