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Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki

Reiki is a Universal Life Force Energy which is chan­neled by a Reiki prac­ti­tion­er to a client through light touch. It is guid­ed by a Higher Intelligence and is always for the client's Highest Good. When one's Universal Life Force Energy is blocked or congest­ed, phys­i­cal, emotion­al, or spir­i­tu­al symp­toms appear. Reiki can help to open the flow of Energy, allow­ing balance and harmo­ny to be restored. Generally, the client will feel relaxed, refreshed and centered at the end of the session (usual­ly one-hour).

Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki utilizes the above-mentioned Reiki meth­ods combined with the wisdom of native peoples. Shamanic prac­tices and Reiki natu­ral­ly comple­ment each other. Through ritu­al and cere­mo­ny, use of spir­it and animal guides, soul return, jour­ney­ing, use of sound, smudg­ing, Shamanic Breathwork™ etc., the prac­ti­tion­er is guid­ed by a Higher Intelligence to enable the client to work with his/her own "heal­er with­in."

Practitioners of Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki receive train­ing and attune­ments from a Shamanic Breathwork Reiki Master who utilizes ritu­al and cere­mo­ny. Attunements are done during a Shamanic Breathwork™ session. There are four levels of train­ing avail­able (I, II,III and Master Level).

Reiki and Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki are not substi­tutes for allo­path­ic (medical) meth­ods of heal­ing. Rather, they work best when combined with allo­path­ic meth­ods.

Barb Magdalena is Venus Rising's Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki Master Teacher. Barb teach­es class­es in Shamanic Breathwork (tm) Reiki and offers private Reiki heal­ing sessions, both at Venus Rising events and also at her home in Clackamas, OR.

For more infor­ma­tion contact Barb at or 503–558-8201, or the Venus Rising office at or 828–631-2305.