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How to Become a Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator

What Is Shamanic Breathwork®?

book cover for Shamanic Breathwork: Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Self, by Linda Star Wolf

The Shamanic Breathwork® Process is a power­ful heal­ing process that inspires indi­vid­u­als to Awaken the Shaman Within™, recon­nect­ing with their own inner heal­er. As old wounds and dysfunc­tion­al patterns are released and trans­formed, indi­vid­u­als begin to regain lost soul parts and remem­ber the magic of who they truly are. Empowerment brings whole­ness and heal­ing back into their own lives, to the lives of those they love, and to the world at large. This process is high­ly expe­ri­en­tial and the wisdom and heal­ing gained comes from each individual's inner expe­ri­ence. Shamanic Breathwork® honors and blends the time­less wisdom of ancient tradi­tions with theemerg­ing new para­digm meth­ods of heal­ing and teach­ing. It func­tions as the rain­bow bridge between these two worlds honor­ing the best of both worlds while creat­ing a bridge for body, mind, heart, and spir­it.

To learn more about the Shamanic Breathwork® Process, please click here.


Shamanic Breathwork® Certification

Level 1- the completion of SHIP

Our Level One Certificate acknowl­edges the comple­tion of two rounds of SHIP teach­ings and initi­a­tions. At this level, indi­vid­u­als are eligi­ble to receive ordi­na­tion as a Shamanic Minister.

*The SHIP initi­a­tions and teach­ings are offered by both Venus Rising and recog­nized  Venus Rising Congregation around the coun­try. 

Level 2 – Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator

Our Level Two Certificate acknowl­edges the comple­tion of two rounds of SHIP teach­ings and initi­a­tions, the comple­tion of our Facilitator Skills & Training, and a Student Apprenticeship. At this level, indi­vid­u­als are eligi­ble to receive certi­fi­ca­tion as a Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator.

*Facilitator Skills & Training is only offered by Venus Rising.

Level 3 — Master ApprenticeSHIP

Our Master Shamanic Breathwork® Practitioner Certification acknowl­edges the comple­tion of Master Apprenticeship for both SHIP and Facilitator Skills & Training.

*Master ApprenticeSHIP train­ing and certi­fi­ca­tion is only offered by Venus Rising.

Venus Rising's general training outline:

Venus Rising certi­fi­ca­tion and ordain­ment programs are offered by Venus Rising and select Venus Rising congre­ga­tions around the coun­try. While work­shop struc­tures and layouts differ accord­ing to loca­tion and the indi­vid­ual needs of students, this is a gener­al outline that details how to receive ordi­na­tion as a Shamanic Minister, and Certification as a Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitator and Master Shamanic Breathwork® Practitioner. Depending on where you are on your person­al jour­ney, Venus Rising strives to meet your trans­for­ma­tion and train­ing needs.

Our Programs and Trainings

Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process (SHIP)

The Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process (SHIP) is a series of six trans­for­ma­tive
initi­a­tions (One Round) designed to remove the obsta­cles to true growth, let go of old story lines that no longer serve us and step into our sacred purpose in this life­time. As the blocks to high­er love and wisdom are released and soul­ful inte­gra­tion occurs, indi­vid­u­als are set free to stand in the truth of their authen­tic being and walk a path with heart.

The purpose of this program is to assist indi­vid­u­als and profes­sion­als in learn­ing how to jour­ney beyond the limi­ta­tions of their ego iden­ti­ty and shape-shift into their sacred soul purpose.

To learn more about SHIP, please click here.


Facilitator Skills & Training 

The Facilitator Skills & Training portion of our Accelerated Transformation and Training program is focused on equip­ping future Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitators with the neces­sary skill sets and expe­ri­en­tial expo­sure required to take this sacred work out into the world.

In this train­ing program, partic­i­pants expe­ri­ence in-depth train­ing and expo­sure in the follow­ing areas: Bodywork, Music, Art, and Processing. Throughout each segment, partic­i­pants discov­er:

  • How to create a safe contain­er for deep inner-person­al work
  • Developing and trust­ing your intu­ition and unique gifts
  • Energetic body work such as rebirthing, resis­tance, conscious touch, and chakra clear­ing
  • The sacred use of musi­cal jour­neys
  • Shamanic Shakti Art Process
  • Shamanic Psycho-spir­i­tu­al skills for group process­ing and inte­gra­tion

Each segment builds upon the other in a spiral­ing fash­ion, equip­ping students with the knowl­edge and prop­er expe­ri­ence to facil­i­tate a Shamanic Breathwork® Journey.

To learn more about our Facilitator Skills & Training program, please click here.


Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process ~ Facilitator Skills & Training


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