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Isis Cove

Isis Cove sits on 45+ acres of unspoiled land in the magi­cal, beau­ti­ful, blue moun­tains of west­ern North Carolina, one hour west of Asheville near Cherokee, and is blessed by the spir­its who are the guardians of this sacred land. The land is graced by a creek and a pond full of fish. Many animals make their home here, includ­ing foxes, opos­sums, raccoons, squir­rels, rabbits, lizards, snakes, turtles, hawks, owls, wild turkeys, crows, wood­peck­ers, turkey vultures and a vari­ety of song­birds. Bear tracks have been seen high up on the moun­tain and we some­times hear coyotes howl­ing and the cry of a bobcat.

Isis Cove is both an inten­tional commu­nity and the home of the Venus Rising Association for Transformation and Venus Rising University. The Isis Cove commu­nity was founded in 2003 by Venus Rising founders and direc­tors, Brad Collins and Star Wolf. Their long held vision of spir­i­tual commu­nity has mani­fested in these magi­cal mountains.

In 2013, stew­ard­ship of the Isis Cove Retreat Center was passed from Star Wolf and Brad to Robert Six Owls and Carol "Gaia" Fleitz.  Under their loving care, the Sanctuary has been expanded to twice it's previ­ous size, a hot tub has been added, and many other improve­ments are planned.  Six Owls and Gaia are grad­u­ates of Venus Rising programs and co-leaders of a congre­ga­tion of Venus Rising:  Illuminated Heart Sanctuary of Venus Rising.  We feel blessed to have members of our soul family fill­ing this very impor­tant role in our commu­nity.

Currently 20 people live at Isis Cove full time. Several others have purchased lots; some will be living here part time while others plan on moving to the commu­nity at some time in the future. Several other members of our soul family live on land surround­ing Isis Cove. Some people, find­ing them­selves in tran­si­tion, have come to live at or near the Cove for a period of time. Community life shared with like-minded indi­vid­u­als is part of the bene­fit of living at Isis Cove.

The Isis Cove Retreat Center hosts the work­shops and retreats spon­sored by Venus Rising as well as other spir­i­tual orga­ni­za­tions, includ­ing the Shamanic Priestess Process, founded by commu­nity member Anyaa McAndrew. The Isis Retreat House is a quaint and comfort­able five bedroom house with three full bath­rooms, a large kitchen, an invit­ing front porch perfect for relax­ing on warm summer nights. There are areas for walk­ing, enjoy­able nature spots and invit­ing outside spaces for medi­ta­tion and quiet contemplation.

Most Venus Rising work­shops are held in the Sanctuary, a beau­ti­fully appointed free-standing build­ing that is a comfort­able and secure space for soul jour­ney­ers to explore their inner land­scape. The Sanctuary is the spir­i­tual home of Venus Rising and the loca­tion for most of our ritu­als and cere­monies. Isis Cove is a special place. The land is alive and the spir­its are active. The vortexes are strong and the air is rich with magic. The Cove spins a cocoon of safety and comfort whereby all who visit may sink into their hearts and open to the call of their soul.

The Sanctuary and the Isis Cove Retreat House are avail­able for work­shops and retreats. Call 828–550‑5859 or email for more infor­ma­tion. For infor­ma­tion on non-Venus Rising work­shops and retreats offered at the Isis Cove Retreat Center, visit their website at www.isiscove.com.

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