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Venus Rising Association for Transformation and Venus Rising University Media Kit


Fact Sheet

Organization Contact Information

Company: Venus Rising Association for Transformation
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 486
City: Sylva
State/Province: NC
Zip/Postal Code: 28779
Street Address: 112 Isis Lane
City: Whittier
State: NC
ZIP: 28789
Country: USA
Phone: 828–631-2305
Fax: 828–586-1810
Web Site: www.shamanicbreathwork.org
Information: 828–631-2305
Co-Directors: Linda Star Wolf and Brad Collins
Media Contact: Laura Wolf
Contact Phone: 828–631-2305

About Venus Rising Association for Transformation

Venus Rising Association for Transformation is a non-prof­it orga­ni­za­tion that was found­ed in 1996 by the acclaimed shaman­ic, psycho-spir­i­tu­al teacher and author Linda Star Wolf. Star Wolf devel­oped the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process as a synthe­sis of the shaman­ic stream of work through­out the ages, in conjunc­tion with modern inte­grat­ed psycho­log­i­cal prin­ci­ples. Star Wolf has led and taught person­al trans­for­ma­tion work­shops around the world, for over 35 years. Co-direc­tors Brad Collins and Linda Star Wolf moved the Institute to the moun­tains of west­ern North Carolina in 2003, creat­ing Isis Cove Retreat Center and attract­ing a commu­ni­ty of nation­al shaman­ic heal­ers to the center. Venus Rising is dedi­cat­ed to "Awakening the Shaman Within" for all peoples. We offer a wide vari­ety of person­al trans­for­ma­tion work­shops and spir­i­tu­al retreats focused on help­ing indi­vid­u­als let go of what is not work­ing in their lives and step instead into an embod­ied expe­ri­ence of their own whole­ness. We believe the 'Shaman is Within' and 'the Healing is the Teaching'. No one can lead others beyond their own limi­ta­tions. Our staff consists of heart-centered indi­vid­u­als who contin­ue to walk the Spiral Path of heal­ing in their own lives.

Linda Star Wolf, has been a vision­ary teacher and shaman­ic guide to thou­sands of people over the last 35 years. Star Wolf is the Founder and Co-Director of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, a 501c3 non-prof­it orga­ni­za­tion, and the Founder and President of Venus Rising University for Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies, estab­lished in August of 2010 in the state of North Carolina. The author of sever­al books and the creator of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, much of Star Wolf’s work is reve­la­to­ry and comes from her own direct expe­ri­ence. With over 30 years of recov­ery from her own expe­ri­ence with addic­tions, Star Wolf has dedi­cat­ed her life to help­ing others to release dysfunc­tion­al patterns of all kinds and to radi­cal­ly trans­form their lives. She teach­es people how to awak­en to the bigger picture, embody their own inner Visionary Shaman and step into a life of passion­ate purpose. Star Wolf’s strong person­al commit­ment to sacred activism and vision­ary lead­er­ship led her to create the Shamanic Ministers Global Network, a world­wide asso­ci­a­tion of Shamanic Ministers and Congregations dedi­cat­ed to help­ing those they serve to awak­en to their own sacred purpose. Star Wolf also co-found­ed the annu­al Wise Wolf Councils, a four-day gath­er­ing of spir­i­tu­al lead­ers and lay people from around the world who come togeth­er to share their wisdom teach­ings and to vision for our plan­et. In 2003, Star Wolf and her husband, Brad Collins, Co-Founded the Isis Cove Community and Retreat Center in the beau­ti­ful Blue Mountains of west­ern North Carolina where they reside in commu­ni­ty with 20 other shaman­ic prac­ti­tion­ers who have also made Isis Cove their home — along with sever­al dogs, cats, chick­ens, goats, birds and crit­ters of all kinds.

Starting out as a ther­a­pist in the mental health and addic­tions fields in the 1980’s, Star Wolf is a nation­al­ly certi­fied alco­hol and drug coun­selor. She holds a BA in Human Services from St. Leo College and a Doctorate of Ministry and Ph. D. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Integrative Learning where she first conceived the idea of some­day creat­ing a shaman­ic psychos­pir­i­tu­al univer­si­ty. Star Wolf was orig­i­nal­ly intro­duced to Holotropic breath­work by its founder, Stan Grof, and trained exten­sive­ly with Jacquelyn Small, founder of Integrative Breathwork, becom­ing one of the lead train­ers at Small’s Eupsychia Institute. Star Wolf also stud­ied shaman­ic earth wisdom teach­ings with the late Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, a Seneca Wolf Clan elder and founder of the Seneca Indian Historical Society. Grandmother Twylah adopt­ed Star Wolf as a Spiritual Granddaughter and gave her the spir­it name of Star Wolf.

Star Wolf creat­ed the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process as a synthe­sis of her person­al explo­ration and direct heal­ing expe­ri­ences with breath­work, shaman­ic wisdom, depth psychol­o­gy and addic­tions recov­ery meth­ods. The Shamanic Breathwork™ Process utilizes the breath, sound heal­ing through chakra-attuned music, ener­getic body­work, soul return and extrac­tion, shaman­ic art process­es, scrib­ing and group process­ing. Journeyers enter an altered state of conscious­ness that heals trau­ma expe­ri­enced earli­er in life, creates a connec­tion with their soul and spir­it guides, and receive visions about their sacred purpose in the world.

Books by Linda Star Wolf

Published by ITI / Bear and Company:


For a list of inter­views and arti­cles featur­ing Linda Star Wolf, please visit: http://www.shamanicbreathwork.org/audiovideo/interviews-articles.html

Brad Collins — The Vision Behind Isis Cove Intentional Community

Bradford C. Collins, Ph. D., is the Co-Director of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, Vice President of Venus Rising University for Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies and Director of the Transformation House Soul Recovery Program. A certi­fied Shamanic Minister, Shamanic Breathwork™ Teacher, Trainer and Facilitator, Brad is the Co-Director of the Shamanic Ministers’ Global Network. After a life-chang­ing vision he received during a breath­work jour­ney in 1994, Brad creat­ed the Shamanic Initiatory Priest Process (SIPP), a high­ly expe­ri­en­tial and trans­for­ma­tive process designed to help men step into their authen­tic power and Visionary Leadership. A pioneer in plan­e­tary trans­for­ma­tion for more than three decades, part of Brad’ s mission encom­pass­es land-stew­ard­ship.

With a back­ground in Environmental Science and Education, Brad was a leader in the devel­op­ment of the natur­al foods move­ment in the United States. He helped form many of the orig­i­nal organ­ic farm­ing stan­dards for sever­al states and educat­ed thou­sands of people in natur­al living and heal­ing. Brad has held the vision of living in commu­ni­ty ever since he was a teenag­er. Brad co-found­ed the Isis Cove Community and Retreat Center with his wife, Linda Star Wolf, in 2003. Isis Cove Community stew­ards over 45 beau­ti­ful acres in the magi­cal Blue Mountains of west­ern North Carolina. Brad has been involved with 12 step recov­ery programs for more than 25 years. In his private shaman­ic coun­sel­ing prac­tice, Brad’ s passion is to assist others in releas­ing self-defeat­ing behav­ior patterns.

Providing safe and sacred space for those seek­ing his coun­sel, Brad offers every­one he works with, both men and women, loving kind­ness and accep­tance. Brad believes the shaman lives with­in each of us and loving­ly holds that vision for those he serves.

Transformation House Soul Recovery Program

The Transformation House Soul Recovery Program provides a safe place and a support­ive process for those desir­ing a deep­er level of inten­sive mind-body-spir­it trans­for­ma­tion. Whether you wish to deep­en your spir­i­tu­al connec­tion, move from one phase of life to anoth­er, work on self-defeat­ing behav­ior patterns, process and release addic­tions, walk through a dark night of the soul or discov­er your sacred purpose, every­thing you expe­ri­ence at Transformation House is designed to re-estab­lish your connec­tion to your deep­er Self.

Wouldn't you like to have a rich­er expe­ri­ence of life?…Better rela­tion­ships, more love, peace, joy, creativ­i­ty and pros­per­i­ty? You know in your heart if you are ready to leave behind the patterns that have kept you from being who you want to be in the world. If you are feel­ing the call to do inner work for real and last­ing change in your life, the Transformation House Soul Recovery Program can help you begin to real­ize your poten­tial.

Come to Transformation House and prac­tice being who you real­ly are…

Transformation House is locat­ed at Isis Cove Community and Retreat Center in the magi­cal blue moun­tains of Western North Carolina, near Asheville. Isis Cove Community stew­ards over 40 acres of beau­ti­ful land, which includes hiking trails, a pond and sever­al outdoor temples and quiet medi­ta­tion spots on the land. Most guests stay for two to four weeks. We ask that you plan on a two week mini­mum stay as our expe­ri­ence teach­es us that time is required to take ourselves apart and put ourselves back togeth­er again. This process will give you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to prac­tice being your authen­tic self so that you can take that back into your life and your rela­tion­ships.

When you are ready to open the doors to your best Self ever, contact us at 828–631-2305 or and a caring member of our staff will help plan your person­al retreat at Transformation House.

Venus Rising Association: The Facilitators and Ministers

Ruby Falconer is the Staff Astrologer, Student Supervisor, Business Manager, a Shamanic Minister, a Shamanic Breathwork™ Master Practitioner and a Workshop Facilitator at Venus Rising. Her new book, Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods, co-writ­ten with Linda Star Wolf, was released by ITI /Bear and Company in March of 2010.

Kathy "Sundance" Morrison is the Isis Cove Retreat House Resident Assistant, a Shamanic Breathwork™ Master Practitioner, a Shamanic Minister and a certi­fied Massage Therapist.

Laura Wolf is the Publicity Manager for Venus Rising, a Shamanic Minister, a Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator and the Shamanic Shakti Yoga instruc­tor at Venus Rising.

The Shamanic Breathwork™ Process

The Shamanic Breathwork™ Process is the main tool used by the staff facil­i­ta­tors at Venus Rising events. Shamanic Breathwork™ is a safe and power­ful tool, using the breath, evoca­tive music, ener­getic body work, art, and group process­ing to induce altered states, connect deeply to your inner Divine Source, clear out ener­getic blocks, and get clar­i­ty about your sacred purpose and next right actions in the world. http://shamanicbreathwork.org/shamanic-breathwork

S.H.I.P. — Powerful Personal Transformation

The SHIP Program is a unique and power­ful person­al trans­for­ma­tion program. It is a series of five trans­for­ma­tive initi­a­tions designed to remove the obsta­cles to true growth for partic­i­pants, let go of old story lines that no longer serve them and step into their sacred purpose in this life­time.

  • The Spiral Path: Learn how to conscious­ly use the Five Cycles of Change to make the posi­tive changes you want in your life.
  • Family of Origin: Understand how your child­hood and fami­ly rela­tion­ships are still affect­ing your life today.
  • The Shadow: Understand your dark side (the shad­ow) and accept the unloved part of your­self. Develop compas­sion for your whole self and reclaim your power and authen­tic­i­ty.
  • Sacred Marriage: Reconcile the oppo­sites that war with­in us and discov­er your Inner Beloved.
  • Sacred Purpose: Open your soul to its true expres­sion so that you can mani­fest your gift in the world.

Participants in S.H.I.P. expe­ri­ence power­ful and heal­ing person­al trans­for­ma­tion break­throughs.

Each of the five work­shops features the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, a safe and power­ful heal­ing tool that uses the breath, chakra-attuned music, focused body­work, art, and group shar­ing to help indi­vid­u­als connect to their own inner healer/Shaman and step into life as an authen­tic, empow­ered person, shar­ing your gifts with those you love and the world.

SHIP is current­ly taught at Isis Cove and in Sedona, AZ. Click HERE to learn more about our trans­for­ma­tion and train­ing programs.

Definitions: Psycho-Spiritual: Why It Is Essential

altered state: A non-ordi­nary state of conscious­ness that supports access to one's high­er self and other worlds; can provide insight into shad­ow, or un-owned parts of self, as well as a deep­er under­stand­ing of aspects of exter­nal real­i­ty.

Aquarian shaman: One who knows that the shaman is with­in and lives in shaman­ic conscious­ness.

cycles of change: The alchem­i­cal map of shaman­ic conscious­ness that describes move­ment through five elemen­tal path­ways of death and rebirth.

person­al trans­for­ma­tion: Moving from one level of conscious­ness to anoth­er through the process of death and rebirth. Comprehensive change.

shaman­ic-psychos­pir­i­tu­al expe­ri­ence: a sacred union which inte­grates all of our parts in all realms. This unifi­ca­tion of the whole person results in an embod­i­ment that gives us the strength and courage to fulfill our capac­i­ty as wise beings.

sacred marriage: The blend­ing or unifi­ca­tion of spir­it, soul, and ego into a cohe­sive, harmo­nious state of conscious­ness.

shad­ow: The repressed, uncon­scious, disowned part of the psyche. The shad­ow must be uncov­ered and inte­grat­ed in order to reach whole­ness.

shaman: In vari­ous cultures a priest, priest­ess, heal­er, or medi­cine man or woman is referred to as a shaman. The shaman is the "wound­ed heal­er," one who has expe­ri­enced and survived many ordeals, or "deaths," and returns to the commu­ni­ty to share acquired heal­ing wisdom with others.

shaman­ic conscious­ness: Having the eyes to see and the ears to hear beyond the mundane outer appear­ance of any situ­a­tion and into high­er levels of love and wisdom. A state of conscious­ness with­in which one moves contin­u­al­ly through process­es of death and rebirth.

Shamanic Reiki: A heal­ing tech­nique utiliz­ing ener­getic symbols and vibra­tions trans­mit­ted to indi­vid­u­als during Shamanic Breathwork. Shamanic Reiki is also used to open indi­vid­u­als to their own capac­i­ty for trans­mit­ting heal­ing to others.

soul return: The process of reclaim­ing lost soul parts, which are vari­ous aspects of self that have been lost through misuse, abuse, or trau­ma.

spiral path: A philo­soph­i­cal model explain­ing the orbit­ing evolu­tion of our lives through our soul patterns in order to learn lessons result­ing in spir­i­tu­al growth. An ancient symbol repre­sent­ing the emerg­ing synthe­sis of the linear and circu­lar paths.

Isis Cove Community Retreat Center

Isis Cove Community Retreat Center is both an inten­tion­al commu­ni­ty and the home of the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, situ­at­ed on 40+ acres of unspoiled land in the magi­cal, mysti­cal Blue Mountains of west­ern North Carolina, one hour west of Asheville, near Cherokee. There are trails for walk­ing, enjoy­able nature spots and many invit­ing outside spaces for medi­ta­tion and quiet contem­pla­tion, includ­ing a Medicine Wheel, a Fire Circle and an outdoor Spirit Temple at the top of the land with an aston­ish­ing view of the surround­ing moun­tains. The land is alive, the spir­its are active and the air is rich with magic. The Cove spins a cocoon of safe­ty and comfort allow­ing all who visit to sink into their hearts and open to the call of their soul. The Isis Cove Retreat House, Sanctuary, and Art Temple are avail­able for work­shops and retreats. Call 828–631-2305 for more infor­ma­tion. To read more about Isis Cove, please click HERE

Shamanic Ministry and Global Ministers Network

The Shamanic Ministers' Global Network is a world­wide asso­ci­a­tion of Shamanic Ministers ordained through the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts. These minis­ters, trained to hold Shamanic Consciousness in Every Day Life, all share the same commit­ment… that of support­ing those we serve, members of our congre­ga­tion, friends and fami­ly in embrac­ing one basic concept central to the shaman­ic perspec­tive. This concept is that the cycle of death and re-birth is a constant and that our lives become incred­i­bly enriched when we conscious­ly embrace this aware­ness rather than fight it. While indi­vid­ual Shamanic Ministers with­in this glob­al network may use differ­ent tools to awak­en shaman­ic aware­ness with­in those around them, all begin with this core under­stand­ing.

The Shamanic Ministers ordained through Venus Rising have all demon­strat­ed a desire to heal them­selves of their own fear and resis­tance to the eter­nal cycles of change and to also assist others in the heal­ing process. It is the belief of all involved in the Shamanic Ministers' Global Network that hold­ing a deeply person­al and creative rela­tion­ship with these process­es of change will help create a better world here on plan­et earth. Through right rela­tion­ship with ourselves, our congre­ga­tion, our friends, fami­ly and the earth itself each of us can become the change we want to see in the world. Shamanic Ministers must have compet­ed the S.H.I.P. program in order to become ordained.

Video Gallery

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Location: Shamanic Breathwork chan­nel on YouTube (http://youtube.com/shamanicbreathwork)

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Current Writings


Aquarian Shaman: Shamanisn for New Age, Linda Star Wolf:


Articles by Linda Star Wolf

  1. The Spiral and The Nature of How People Change
  2. Aquarian Shaman Part 1
  3. Aquarian Shaman Part 2
  4. Return of theSacred Heart Ritualsof Ancient Egypt
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Press Releases

Whittier, NC, February 19, 2010 — Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts Announces Free Shamanic Breathwork™ Workshops in First Ever Breathe America Event

Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts is offer­ing four days of free Shamanic Breathwork™ work­shops March 11 – 14, 2010 in its first ever Breathe America event. These person­al trans­for­ma­tion work­shops will be taught by inter­na­tion­al­ly acclaimed Shamanic Teachers, Facilitators, and Healers, includ­ing Linda Star Wolf, the renowned devel­op­er of the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process and founder of Venus Rising. The Breathe America event will be held at Isis Cove Retreat Center in west­ern North Carolina, also the head­quar­ters of Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts.

We are so excit­ed about Breathe America. Through the Shamanic Breathwork™ process we’ve real­ly found a way that people can expe­ri­ence accel­er­at­ed person­al trans­for­ma­tion. We want as many people as possi­ble to have the expe­ri­ence of who they truly are by awak­en­ing the shaman with­in.” Says Brad Collins, Co-Director of Venus Rising.

The Breathe America event is a unique oppor­tu­ni­ty to explore and expe­ri­ence the shaman­ic heal­ing work offered at Venus Rising Institute. Participants can expe­ri­ence the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, as well as learn about other kinds of shaman­ic heal­ing arts, all complete­ly free. Participants may attend any number of work­shops during the four days of Breathe America. For more infor­ma­tion and to regis­ter for the event visit www.shamanicbreathwork.org or call Venus Rising at 828–631-2305.

Visionary Shamanism
Powerful Medicine and Hope for Healing our World

March 12, 2012 – Asheville, North Carolina: Recently, Visionary Shamanism:
Activating the Imaginal Cells of the Human Energy Field, by Linda Star Wolf and Anne Dillon, cata­pult­ed onto Amazon's best-sell­er list, clinch­ing the  #1 spot in Shamanism and #1 in Paganism. Offering new tools for connect­ing to our high­est vision for our own lives and for the plan­et and then bring­ing that vision into real­i­ty, Visionary Shamanism also land­ed #45 in Personal Transformation and #72 in Religion and Spirituality.

"This is a brave and extreme­ly lucid vision of how we can birth our future.  I recom­mend it with joy."  Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope:  A Guide to Sacred Activism

The Earth is under­go­ing a high­ly tran­si­tion­al time as outworn struc­tures break down and new ones are being creat­ed. Facing the high­est rate of unem­ploy­ment since the great depres­sion, millions of fore­closed homes, world­wide unrest, and record levels of depres­sion, anxi­ety and addic­tion, our plan­et is crying out for help. Despite these volatile times, Linda Star Wolf and Anne Dillon want us to know that there is hope, and they offer vari­ous ways to find that hope and apply it to our lives in their new book Visionary Shamanism.

We no longer have the luxu­ry of learn­ing only from the past–we must also down­load infor­ma­tion from the future in order to make world­wide change and reach our high­est human poten­tial as quick­ly as possi­ble,” stress­es Star Wolf.

A beau­ti­ful work of wisdom and inspi­ra­tion, power­ful medi­cine for a soul-sick and fright­ened world.”
Allan Combs, co-author of Thomas Berry: Dreamer of the Earth
Professor of Transformative Studies — California Institute of Integral Studies

Drawing on her own direct expe­ri­ence of recov­ery from addic­tions, 30+ years as a mental health/ addic­tions coun­selor and spir­i­tu­al teacher, wisdom teach­ings shared from her adopt­ed Seneca Wolf Clan Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, and the power­ful Shamanic Breathwork ™ prac­tice which Star Wolf devel­oped, Visionary Shamanism explains how to heal the past, learn from the future and acti­vate the imag­i­nal cells — seeds of the future that are down­load­ing into our human conscious­ness. When we conscious­ly choose to acti­vate these seeds, we can mani­fest our most creative ideas and newest incar­na­tions more quick­ly and speed up our evolu­tion­ary poten­tial in this life­time.

Star Wolf has helped thou­sands of people trans­form their lives.

Molly Roberts, MD, President of the American Holistic Medical Association and an Institute for Health & Healing physi­cian, recom­mends Shamanic Breathwork to patients and physi­cians as a way to make more rapid phys­i­cal, emotion­al, and spir­i­tu­al shifts.

Combat veter­an and trial attor­ney, Paul Henderson, uses breath­work to help combat veter­ans suffer­ing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Finally accept­ing that the medical method of treat­ing PTSD is not work­ing, the mili­tary and Veteran’s Association is open­ing up to new approach­es includ­ing breath­work. The results have been aston­ish­ing.

Liz Quick, a career RN, used Shamanic Breathwork to heal her own anxi­ety and discov­ered she was then able to help patients express their concerns, there­by radi­cal­ly reduc­ing their fear and anxi­ety. At the manage­ment level of health care, Quick uses the train­ing from Star Wolf’s Venus Rising University to better under­stand human nature, group dynam­ics, and success­ful reso­lu­tion of conflict.

Visionary Shamanism reminds us to create from the future and not from the past. Through its many wonder­ful stories, ancient spir­i­tu­al teach­ings are revealed and clear guid­ance is offered as to how we can heal our past and clear the way to be the best self we are meant to be.”
Christine R. Page, M.D., author of 2012 and The Galactic Center

About the Authors:

Linda Star Wolf, founder of Venus Rising Association for Transformation and Venus Rising University for Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies and the Shamanic Breathwork process, (a prac­tice using the trans­for­ma­tive heal­ing power of the breath) has led work­shops world­wide since 1984. The author of Shamanic Breathwork and co-author of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, and The Anubis Oracle, she and her husband live and work at their Isis Cove Retreat Center near Asheville, North Carolina.

Anne Dillon is an editor, Reiki prac­ti­tion­er, and student of the alter­na­tive heal­ing arts. She lives in Waitsfield, Vermont.

Visionary Shamanism
Activating the Imaginal Cells of the Human Energy Field
By Linda Star Wolf and Anne Dillon
Foreword by Barbara Hand Clow
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Press Release: Nationally recognized Medicine Chief initiates ancient ceremony at Medicine Wheel in western North Carolina, July 23 — 25, 2010

(June 13, 2010, Cherokee, NC) “I…accept all people as human beings wher­ev­er they may be or what­ev­er color of skin they may wear.  I pray that others may come to the path of unity that will allow us to over­come the enemy of sepa­ra­tion that is now trying to destroy all of the earth. Let us make prayers for the heal­ing of the Earth Mother. I have spoken.” Sun Bear

These are the words of Sun Bear, an Ojibwa Medicine Chief known for rein­tro­duc­ing the prac­tice of the Medicine Wheel after centuries of it being under­ground.  In keep­ing with this vision, a modern Medicine Wheel cere­mo­ny is being held at Sun Bear’s Medicine Wheel Gathering near Asheville on July 23rd through 25th at Venus Rising Institute.

In our modern times, this seem more rele­vant than ever,” says Linda Star Wolf, cele­brat­ed author and direc­tor of Venus Rising Institute. “With the oil spill in the Gulf Coast, wildlife dying in multi­tudes, and our own inter­nal battles and strug­gles, we need some­thing that can help bring greater harmo­ny to the world.”

The orig­i­nal prac­tice of the Medicine Wheel, began at least 4000 years ago, and although it had many purpos­es, was thought to repre­sent the cycles and balance of life. A rela­tive­ly common symbol today, Native Americans were not allowed to prac­tice their tradi­tion­al cere­monies of the Medicine Wheel and other sacred rites until the pass­ing of the reli­gious free­dom act in 1978. Prior to that time it was ille­gal many of their sacred cere­monies in the United States. Sun Bear recog­nized the impor­tance of reviv­ing this ancient rite and offer­ing its teach­ings to people of all faiths and colors despite contro­ver­sy from with­in his own tribe and intense scruti­ny from the main-stream public.

The upcom­ing Sun Bear Medicine Wheel Gathering will initi­ate and “open” the wheel.  In addi­tion to the Medicine Wheel Ceremony, the three-day event will include a Pipe Carriers Dance, and work­shops and lectures by such well-known teach­ers as Freeman Olwe, Iris Bradley, Page Bryant, Brad Collins and Linda Star Wolf.  Wind Daughter, who is lead­ing the cere­mo­ny, is a nation­al­ly recog­nized cere­mo­ni­al­ist trained by Sun Bear. Wind Daughter works with nation­al and region­al circles to assist others on the path of heal­ing.  She is also the founder of West Winds, a spir­i­tu­al and educa­tion­al center for people seek­ing safe­ty of reli­gious expres­sion and a greater connec­tion to earth.  Since 1981, the Sun Bear Medicine Lodge has host­ed over 100 Modern Medicine Wheel Gatherings, with more than 61,000 partic­i­pants, through­out the United States, Canada and Europe.

July 23, 24 & 25
 at Venus Rising Institute, near Cherokee, NC
For more infor­ma­tion contact Venus Rising at 828–631-2305,

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Story Tips and Ideas

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How is Shamanic Breathwork™ different from using entheogens and other forms of altered states of consciousness?

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Connection Across Cultures: Linda Star Wolf and Grandmother Twylah, the Seneca Wolf Clan Grandmother who passed in 2007

A Powerful Purpose: How 30 Shamanic Questions for Humanity has transformed individuals

Egypt and Western North Carolina: An Unusual Connection with Extraordinary Outcomes

  • You have two other books on Shamanic Egyptian Mysteries, co-authored with Nicki Scully, and anoth­er on Shamanic Egyptian Astrology coming out in April, co-authored with Ruby Falconer. What is your connec­tion to Egypt and how does it fit in with Shamanic Breathwork™?

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