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Facilitator Skills & Training

The Facilitator Skills & Training portion of our Accelerated Transformation and Training program is focused on equip­ping future Shamanic Breathwork® Facilitators with the neces­sary skill sets and expe­ri­en­tial expo­sure required to take this shaman­ic work out into the world.

In this train­ing program, partic­i­pants expe­ri­ence in-depth train­ing and expo­sure in the follow­ing areas: Shamanic Bodywork, Music, Art, Deep Listening and Group Processing. Throughout each segment, partic­i­pants discov­er:

  • How to create a safe contain­er for deep inner-person­al work
  • Developing and trust­ing your intu­ition and unique gifts
  • Energetic body work such as rebirthing, resis­tance, conscious touch, and chakra clear­ing
  • The shaman­ic use of musi­cal jour­neys
  • Shamanic Shakti Art Process
  • Shamanic Psycho-spir­i­tu­al skills for group process­ing and inte­gra­tion

Each segment builds upon the other in a spiral­ing fash­ion, equip­ping students with the knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence to facil­i­tate Shamanic Breathwork® Journey.


 Facilitator Skills & Training Segments


In this segment, students devel­op a rela­tion­ship with their phys­i­cal bodies—connecting with their bodies through dance, yoga, and ritu­al move­ment. Students will learn a vari­ety of body­work tech­niques to utilize during the Shamanic Breathwork® Journey These tech­niques include tools and process­es such as rebirthing, resis­tance, conscious touch, and chakra clear­ing. Our Bodywork segment prepares students and allows them to under­stand first-hand the impor­tance of creat­ing a safe contain­er for them­selves and others during a Shamanic Breathwork® Journey.