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Upcoming Venus Rising Events

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June 1 to June 14
Loveland Sanctuary
July 1 to July 2
Sedona, Arizona

SHIP: Inner Beloved

with Linda Star Wolf

July 9 to July 22
Loveland Sanctuary, North Carolina

Transformation House Process

with Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

August 26 to August 27
Burnsvill, Minnesota

The Shamanic Priest Process: The New Spiritual Warrior

with Linda Star Wolf and Steve Irestone

Shamanic Mystery Tour to Egypt

with Linda Star Wolf, Ruby Falconer and Nikolaus Wolf

March 9, 2018 to March 11, 2018
Loveland Sanctuary, North Carolina

Shamanic Mystery School Circle #3

with Linda Star Wolf

Shamanic Mystery Tour to Peru

with Linda Star Wolf, Nikolaus Wolf, and Vera Lopez