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Soul Whispering: the Art of Awakening Shamanic Consciousness

Addressing humanity's para­digm shift from linear conscious­ness to shaman­ic conscious­ness, Linda Star Wolf and Nita Gage explore how the art of soul whis­per­ing can help each of us under­stand why we expe­ri­ence our lives the way we do and shift from heal­ing our wounds to embrac­ing the process of trans­for­ma­tion. This power­ful new synthe­sis of shaman­ic heal­ing and psychother­a­py can help you restore your rela­tion­ship with your soul, trans­form dysfunc­tion­al ways of being, learn to hear the intu­itive wisdom and love of your soul's whis­per­ings, and devel­op the capac­i­ty to live in the present moment fully connect­ed and alive.

Detailing the shaman­ic tools and psychos­pir­i­tu­al prac­tices of soul whis­per­ing, the authors share inspir­ing stories of trans­for­ma­tion from their own jour­neys and their work as shaman­ic soul whis­per­ers. They explain how soul whis­per­ing harness­es the power of the imag­i­nal world to awak­en shaman­ic conscious­ness, restore resilien­cy of mind, body, and spir­it, and enact trans­for­ma­tion at the cellu­lar level. They show how soul whis­per­ing allows you to become conscious of your wounds, release the ener­gy of victim­iza­tion, and devel­op love and forgive­ness for your­self and others. The authors explore mytho­log­i­cal arche­types from Sumer and ancient Egypt to empow­er you in your life's jour­ney of trans­for­ma­tion and explain the Five Cycles of Change that we contin­u­al­ly spiral through, detail­ing what to do if you become stuck in one of the cycles.

Sharing the ageless wisdom of their collec­tive shaman­ic expe­ri­ences and person­al jour­ney work- and provid­ing access to 5 audio jour­neys-the authors show how soul whis­per­ing allows you to break free from your patterns of dysfunc­tion, rekin­dle a profound soul connec­tion, and shift your story from one of wound­ing and suffer­ing to one of initi­a­tion and vibran­cy.

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Soul Whispering: the Art of Awakening Shamanic Consciousness

  • Explores shaman­ic tools, modern psychother­a­py tech­niques, and ancient indige­nous prac­tices, such as the Native American medi­cine wheel.
  • Restore your rela­tion­ship with your soul, break through patterns of dysfunc­tion, and learn to hear the intu­itive wisdom of your soul’s whis­per­ings.
  • Illuminates how to access natur­al and gentle states of altered or expand­ed conscious­ness with­out the use of psychoac­tive plants or other substances.
  • Details the Five Cycles of Change that we spiral through on our life’s jour­ney of trans­for­ma­tion, detail­ing what to do if you become stuck in one of the cycles
  • Includes access to 5 audio jour­neys

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About the Authors

Linda Star Wolf, Ph.D.,Star Wolf is the found­ing direc­tor and pres­i­dent of Venus Rising Association for Transformation, Venus Rising University, and the Shamanic Minsters Global Network, The creator of the Shamanic Breathwork Process, she is the author of 9 books includ­ing Shamanic Breathwork, Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, and Visionary Shamanism. She resides both at Isis Cove Community near Asheville, North Carolina, and in Marin County, California.Star Wolf teach­es and leads retreats regu­lar­ly at Open Center New York, Omega Institute, Hollyhock and Sedona Mago Retreat, as well as numer­ous other retreat centers nation­al­ly. She leads people sever­al times a year to sacred sites and works with local Shaman and Indigenous heal­ers in Peru, Egypt and Mexico.

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Nita Gage, DSPS, MA, Nita Gage, DSPS, MA, has a doctor­ate in shaman­ic psychos­pir­i­tu­al psychol­o­gy and a master's degree in clin­i­cal psychol­o­gy. She is a Master Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner and visit­ing facul­ty for Venus Rising Association for Transformation. She is a Teacher with the Hoffman Institute  in California. She creat­ed Healer Within Retreats for Medical Professionals.  She is the cofounder of the NeuroImaginal Institute. She authored Women in Storage, How to Reimagine Your Life, Nita lives on Mare Island, in California.

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