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Visionary Shamanism
By Linda Star Wolf and Anne Dillon

February 2012

Letting go of hang-ups, clear­ing karma, releas­ing nega­tive habits and condi­tion­ing; psycho­analy­sis, hypnother­a­py and past-life-regressions—we’ve all strug­gled to accom­mo­date our pasts.  Consider inter­ac­tions in the oppo­site direc­tion: chan­nel­ing the future, next-life progres­sion.
Such is the premise of Linda Star Wolf and Anne Dillon in Visionary Shamanism.  In our emerg­ing tran­scen­dent and time­less state, pasts and futures lose their mean­ing.  In the mean­time we can creative­ly mani­fest our ideal futures through a system of exer­cis­es, dreams and medi­ta­tions present­ed in this unique volume.  Filled with person­al tales of multi­verse contacts, lucid dreams and down­loaded cosmic messages, these fine femi­nist vision­ar­ies teach us to build with­in ourselves an imag­i­nal over­lay of the mate­r­i­al world, guid­ing us into a future in whose creation we conscious­ly partake.
Drawing notably from Native American shaman­ism and Egyptian psychoalche­my, the authors teach a system of person­al trans­for­ma­tion and collec­tive plan­e­tary evolu­tion, co-creat­ing a real­i­ty of love and abun­dance.
Our pain and anxi­ety amidst current person­al and world crises mirrors the pains of trans­for­ma­tion endured by the cater­pil­lar shed­ding its larval life; the emer­gence and reve­la­tion of new eyes and wings allows to mani­fest a real­i­ty empow­ered by the conscious­ness driving the trans­for­ma­tion.

Reviewed by Mac Graham