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Visionary Shamanism
By Linda Star Wolf and Anne Dillon

February 2012

Letting go of hang-ups, clearing karma, releasing negative habits and conditioning; psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy and past-life-regressions—we’ve all struggled to accommodate our pasts.  Consider interactions in the opposite direction: channeling the future, next-life progression.
Such is the premise of Linda Star Wolf and Anne Dillon in Visionary Shamanism.  In our emerging transcendent and timeless state, pasts and futures lose their meaning.  In the meantime we can creatively manifest our ideal futures through a system of exercises, dreams and meditations presented in this unique volume.  Filled with personal tales of multiverse contacts, lucid dreams and downloaded cosmic messages, these fine feminist visionaries teach us to build within ourselves an imaginal overlay of the material world, guiding us into a future in whose creation we consciously partake.
Drawing notably from Native American shamanism and Egyptian psychoalchemy, the authors teach a system of personal transformation and collective planetary evolution, co-creating a reality of love and abundance.
Our pain and anxiety amidst current personal and world crises mirrors the pains of transformation endured by the caterpillar shedding its larval life; the emergence and revelation of new eyes and wings allows to manifest a reality empowered by the consciousness driving the transformation.

Reviewed by Mac Graham