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The Spiral:
The Cycles of Change

Music is central to Venus Rising and our work. We use music in our rituals, ceremonies and workshops. Star Wolf and Soul Food have created a very special two CD set, “The Spiral.” The first CD is a fantastic compilation of music appropriate for dancing, meditation and/or shamanic journeying. The second CD contains three meditations led by Star Wolf.

The Spiral two disc CD set is an expanded version of the single CD included in Star Wolf’s book, Shamanic Breathwork; Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Self.

Double CD “The Spiral” by Soulfood and Star Wolf for only $13

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$13 direct from Venus Rising

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A dear friend of ours, Lloyd Barde, is an incredible source for music. Lloyd is a treasure trove of knowledge on indigenous, world and “new age” music and will gladly direct you to musical selections appropriate for all types of uses. Lloyd can be contacted at: Backroadsmusic.com