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The Spiral:
The Cycles of Change

Music is central to Venus Rising and our work. We use music in our ritu­als, cere­monies and work­shops. Star Wolf and Soul Food have creat­ed a very special two CD set, "The Spiral." The first CD is a fantas­tic compi­la­tion of music appro­pri­ate for danc­ing, medi­ta­tion and/or shaman­ic jour­ney­ing. The second CD contains three medi­ta­tions led by Star Wolf.

The Spiral two disc CD set is an expand­ed version of the single CD includ­ed in Star Wolf's book, Shamanic Breathwork; Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Self.

Double CD "The Spiral" by Soulfood and Star Wolf for only $13

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$13 direct from Venus Rising

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A dear friend of ours, Lloyd Barde, is an incred­i­ble source for music. Lloyd is a trea­sure trove of knowl­edge on indige­nous, world and "new age" music and will glad­ly direct you to musi­cal selec­tions appro­pri­ate for all types of uses. Lloyd can be contact­ed at: Backroadsmusic.com