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Shamanic Egyptian Astrology

By Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer

Review by Stephanie Nolasco, published in Feminist Review, July 2010

If you’re look­ing for an astrol­o­gy book that tells you if this is your month to fall in love or what day to play the lotto, then you should skip this review and skim to the back pages of Cosmo. However, if you’re look­ing for a compre­hen­sive guide on seek­ing aid from Egyptian gods, all while under­stand­ing how the elements of your sign can be used to make you a more spir­i­tu­al being, then Shamanic Egyptian Astrology is a must-have for your person­al library. As a Leo, are you like the jack­al-head­ed god Anubis who’s great­ly misun­der­stood by others, or does the Scorpio in you chan­nel the cat goddess Bast, all thanks to your fiery temper? Rather than explor­ing the too common traits about the signs, the authors pair them with their Egyptian coun­ter­part, show­ing us how our matched char­ac­ter­is­tics can be used to clar­i­fy our purpose in life.

While some horo­scope books expect read­ers to browse count­less pages about how they’re destined to be some­thing they’re not, Shamanic Egyptian Astrology provides exam­ples on how the forma­tion of plan­ets, coin­cid­ing with Egyptian mythol­o­gy, points at one’s strengths and weak­ness­es. Wolf and Falconer stud­ied President Barack Obama’s birth chart, reveal­ing why he has the makings of a leader. “Anubis the Shaman King and Ptah both emanate strong­ly in Barack Obama’s birth chart,” they reveal. “Together, these two prin­ci­ples describe the road Barack walks in his life­time, that of embrac­ing his true divin­i­ty and step­ping into his role as vision­ary co-creator with others who also embrace their divin­i­ty. Partnership with like-mind­ed indi­vid­u­als who share his vision is neces­sary for the embod­i­ment of his Soul Purpose.” In other words, Obama can only flour­ish if he surrounds himself with others who’re also ready to express their ideas and take command when neces­sary. In the case of Ms. Magazine founder Gloria Steinem, Bast is found in her chart, which explains how this inspi­ra­tional writer can be both the Playboy bunny and power­ful advo­cate for women’s rights. Fortunately, the focus of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology isn’t on celebri­ties, but rather how we can redis­cov­er ourselves.

The major perks of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology are the person­al­ized ritu­als and quick invo­ca­tions that Wolf and Falconer provide for each sign to chan­nel with the appro­pri­ate gods and goddess­es that can better guide us in our spir­i­tu­al jour­ney. “Saying the invo­ca­tion or prac­tic­ing the ritu­al, or both, for that neteru will acti­vate some­thing with­in you that needs to come forth,” they explain. No extrav­a­gant altars are neces­sary to meet Ma’at, The Spinx, or Ptah. The writ­ers discuss how mere­ly embrac­ing the warmth of the sun, taking deep breaths, or light­ing candles can help you commu­ni­cate with the ancients.

The daily horo­scope provid­ed by Madame X in our news­pa­per has us think­ing twice before we wear red on a Friday or call an angry beau to apol­o­gize on the first week of June, but they aren’t enough to show us a better under­stand­ing of our role in this universe. Shamanic Egyptian Astrology provides us the tools we need to befriend the gods and goddess­es, ask for their aid, and discov­er how our traits can be used to better ourselves. Both a guide for the advanced student and begin­ner, Wolf and Falconer’s teach­ings are gross­ly under­rat­ed and deserve a stand­ing ovation just for its inten­sive research alone. We can walk like an Egyptian rather than feel­ing very super­sti­tious.