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30 Shamanic Questions for Humanity: From Ego Agenda to Soul Purpose… Remembering the Bigger Picture

By Linda Star Wolf

I creat­ed the 30 Shamanic Questions to help save the life of a dear friend who was suffer­ing from such a severe depres­sion that she had become suici­dal. She was in a major life tran­si­tion that threat­ened to over­whelm her sani­ty and I, her friend and teacher for many years, felt help­less in this situ­a­tion. Feeling over­whelmed, I sat down, said a prayer asking for help, and turned to my comput­er. I spon­ta­neous­ly typed out these words:

Awaken the Shaman Within
30 Shamanic Questions to Dismantle Your Old Ego Identity
And Recover Your Original Soul Purpose

The words began to flow effort­less­ly through my conscious­ness and in less than a couple of hours The 30 Shamanic Questions were born. These ques­tions are called shaman­ic because they are designed to serve as a guide to the process of letting go of old ego attach­ments (a symbol­ic death) and moving into a rebirth expe­ri­ence. A Shaman is often called a Wounded Healer — one who has learned how to heal himself of the pain of life’s expe­ri­ences and shares the wisdom gained from those expe­ri­ences with others.

I, too, am a wound­ed heal­er. I embrace the shaman­ic path of spir­i­tu­al growth and heal­ing. I too have strug­gled with many diffi­cult issues and addic­tions on my life’s jour­ney. I have had many symbol­ic death and rebirth expe­ri­ences which I refer to as the shaman­ic path of conscious aware­ness. This has prompt­ed me to reach out and assist count­less others along the way. Over the last three decades I have helped guide indi­vid­u­als from every walk of life as they navi­gat­ed the unchart­ed terri­to­ry from ego to soul’s purpose.

The 30 Shamanic Questions are a formal­ized struc­ture for the work I have been doing with others for more than 30 years. They are intend­ed to accel­er­ate and support trans­for­ma­tion. What makes this process special, and one of the reasons it works so well in compar­i­son to other self-help process­es, is that we are not meant to walk this path alone. The jour­ney is shared with anoth­er who we refer to as the co-jour­ney­er. This process is simi­lar to what happens when some­one spon­sors anoth­er person in a twelve-step program of recov­ery. When two people make the commit­ment to do the ques­tions togeth­er, in loving connec­tion to one anoth­er, the magic truly begins.

My friend did not kill herself. She worked The Questions herself and then passed them on to many others. Today, a little over a year later, she has made signif­i­cant and soul­ful changes in her life. The 30 Shamanic Questions have spread like wild­fire around this coun­try and to sever­al other coun­tries includ­ing Bermuda, Germany, England and Australia. They have found their way to those who are ready to heal and become more of who they real­ly are. I trust that if The 30 Shamanic Questions have found their way into your hands and heart that it is not by acci­dent and may be an answer to a prayer.

Shamanic Blessings, Linda Star Wolf

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