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Welcome from Linda Star Wolf, Director of Venus Rising Association for Transformation and University for Shamanic Psychospiritual Studies.

We are a 501c3 non-profit spiritual organization dedicated to transforming personal and planetary consciousness during this great Shift of the ages and supporting people in truly stepping into their Soul Purpose on the planet at this time.

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Venus Rising offers many exciting spiritual teachings, gatherings, celebrations and ceremonies at our five Elemental Temples, as well as degree programs, certifications, personal transformation retreats, trainings and workshops at Isis Cove Retreat Center, in the beautiful blue mountains of western North Carolina, and at our events around the country and abroad. Our shamanic wisdom teachings and principles support the integration of the ego, soul and spirit. One of our main tools for transformation is the Shamanic Breathwork Process™, created by Venus Rising’s Founder, Linda Star Wolf, to help people go deep within, connect to their Source in a powerful way, clear out the blocks to wholeness and to make the real and sustainable changes they wish to embody in their lives.

It is not too late to change both personally and collectively. As we transform ourselves, we transform the world around us. Every inner shift in consciousness that we make individually informs and transforms the collective consciousness. The time is now to open to our heart’s wisdom and to simply do our part. If you are ready to transform your life, contact us to discuss the right Venus Rising program to meet your needs.

Featured Events…

Shamanic Mystery Tour to Egypt

with with Linda Star Wolf, Ruby Falconer and Nikolaus Wolf

Shamanic Mystery Tour to Egypt Facilitated by Linda Star Wolf, Ruby Falconer & Nikolaus Wolf December 4 – 15, 2017 In 2005 Star Wolf embarked upon a Shamanic Journey to Egypt that would change her life and rock her world forever! Traveling with her were long time shamanic author, teacher (continued…)

Monday, December 4 to Friday, December 15


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  • The Venus Rising Association for Transformation is a 501c3 non-profit shamanic psycho-spiritual organization offering wisdom teachings and tools for personal transformation. We offer programs to Awaken the Shaman Within at Isis Cove in western North Carolina, as well as other locations in the USA and around the world.
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